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AAN 2014

AAN 2014

American Academy of Neurology 2014 Conference

At the 66th Annual American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting, advances in the understanding and management of a wide range of neurologic disorders--from dementia to headache and from epilepsy to sleep--kept attendees' attention focused. has captured meeting highlights from a primary care perspective and offers "take home" summaries from key presentations.

AAN 2014

Aerobic exercise not only improves cardiorespiratory fitness in patients with stroke but also may have a beneficial effect on neuroplasticity and improve motor recovery.

The results of a new study indicate that a simple self-management intervention may improve patients’ cognitive performance.

Screening for and then treating obstructive sleep apnea may help improve seizure control in epilepsy, a new study shows.

Patients who have blockages in the carotid arteries are at risk not only for stroke but possibly for cognitive impairment as well.

migraine prevention

Studies of the first specific mechanism-based treatments may harken a new era of prevention.

Measuring cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers may help determine the amount of a patient’s brain damage and complement clinical assessments.

The test may identify which patients have a high or a low predisposition for pain perception, according to the results of a new study.


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