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Clinical presentation, history, and laboratory evaluation can make a diagnosis of gout, but crystal examination is the “gold standard.”

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How to regulate “the king of diseases and the disease of kings” is this Patient Care Special Report's domain.

This 12-year-old boy has had asymptomatic swellings over multiple knuckles all his life. How would you explain the condition to him?

Not all vaccine information websites were created with evidence-based medicine in mind. Which of these would you recommend to patients?

What is the plant most likely responsible for these symptoms and how would you treat?

On a tropical vacation, a woman develops a severe pruritic rash after being bitten on the hand by an insect. Can you name the bug?

Click through this slide summary for a look at some of the more significant approvals so far for primary care.

Does treatment for older men have beneficial effects for other health issues? Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge.

The devices may be simple and intuitive, but it may take more than a gadget to build optimal medication adherence.


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