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The 16-year-old is upset by a new outbreak of “acne” and the prom is in 2 weeks. But is it acne? And what’s that bruise?

Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge of a deadly disease.

The "statin war" is about ossified ideologies and asks medicine's most primal question-"what is the role of medicine in society?"

Dr Bobby Lazzara reviews 5 medical apps available in iTunes. Which ones are you using?

What are the most important vaccines your patients with diabetes should receive?

The combination of heat and in-home air pollutants is dangerous, but also modifiable, say authors of a new study.

But are acute respiratory events associated with a decline in lung function in smokers without airway obstruction?

Paradox: a new study finds that despite wide us of antidepressants in the US, many who need treatment do not get it while others are overtreated.

A new study found that commonly prescribed antihypertension drugs affect mood disorders--either positively or negatively.


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