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Results of the PRECISION study are embraced by some and soundly criticized by others. What would you tell your osteoarthritis patients?


Implantable cardiac monitoring devices now detect "silent" AF. But now that we "hear" it, what should we do?

No labs, no biopsies, no imaging -- only your seasoned clinical judgement is required to make a diagnosis in this case.


A signal for increased risk of hemorrhage when the NOAC is coadministered with 2 statins comes as a surprise to some.


Severe asthma symptoms but low allergy and inflammation levels may mean poor response to guideline-based therapy.


Study: Among adolescents age 13-19 years, those with asthma were twice as likely to smoke as their healthy counterparts. Solutions?

CDC: Some preventable causes of death have declined, but these accounted for almost two-thirds of deaths from all causes.

An elderly obese female presents with abdominal bruising following a motor vehicle accident. Can you ID the cause?

Find out what you know about a common neuropsychiatric disorder by taking this quick 8-question quiz.

Accepting the gatekeeper role requires scrutinizing and sometimes confronting the patient at the gate; it's getting a lot more complicated.


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