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A new study found an increase in diet-quality scores over 12 years was linked to an 8%-17% reduction in mortality.

Get a top-line review of 5 apps for the Apple watch that can help you help your patients track their exercise, fluid intake, and their interactions with you.

Results from studies on the asthma-diabetes connection are inconsistent. A novel analysis may help clarify directionality.

The link between early asthma and left ventricular hypertrophy was independent of a range of major cardiovascular risk factors.

What does a chinchilla have to do with vaccines? Ear infections? A Bandaid? It's actually pretty interesting--have a look.

ACIP recommends the zoster vaccine be given at age 60 years. That could be too late for some. And, what about this 60-year-old?

What would cause a diaper to turn pink after sitting overnight in the diaper pail? Read this case closely for the clues.

Do you know myth from fact about recent patterns of US opioid prescribing? Find out with these 10 statements.

Some find new meta-analysis results disturbing; others say they underscore the need for more focused research.

What type of injury is seen on this x-ray of a young boy's elbow? Outward signs of trauma are negligible.


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