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The signs are everywhere. See if you recognize these 5 skin eruptions often seen when man gets back to nature.

Disfiguring skin signs were seen in all 3 children, but not their parents. Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge of the “fish scale disease.”

Some patients may not even understand exactly what is meant by "exercise." How do you promote physical activity in your practice?

Your atrial fibrillation spot quiz of the week -- take a minute and try these 3 short questions.

A quick review of: a great mobile ECG reference; a gout Dx tool; a contraception counseling aid; FPNotebook on mobile; and Klara.

Severe outcomes may ensue in a high percentage of patients. The authors discuss the consequences in this brief podcast.

The “modern era” of treatment features multiple DAAs that target specific steps within the HCV life cycle.

Outdoor recreation is in full swing again. Here are 5 injuries you may need to identify, soon. What are they?

British patients with chest pain who went undiagnosed in primary care had an increased risk of fatal/non-fatal CV events for at least 5 years.

An array of new tools, perspectives, and guidelines to help navigate the gray areas have been reported in recent days.


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