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Slide Show: FDA drug approvals in the second quarter 2017 included these 10 for conditions seen in the primary care setting.

For PCPs, now poised to play a bigger role in screening and care for patients with HCV, we highlight 10 forces that are reshaping the HCV landscape.

Following are answers to the questions primary care physicians most often ask.

As with any other chronic disease, a detailed medical history is important. Individualized interventions recommended.

Studies summarized in this slide show focus on fine-tuning insulin-containing regimens to enhance glucose control and avoid variability.

Glycemic variability fuels hypoglycemia but in one study from ADA 2017 is found to actually help predict hypoglycemic events.

Test your knowledge of the products of climate change and the health effects they may have.

An 8-year-old needs his second dose of Fluzone; all you have on hand is trivalent Fluviran. Is it OK to mix?

True or False: some mixed vaccines have vaccine in the diluent and the powder. Answer and more questions in our short quiz.

In the context of metabolic syndrome, sleep is thought to be an added and modifiable risk factor.


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