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Mycosis fungoides; circumscribed erythematous lesions in a toddler; large abdominal ecchymotic mass . . . some of the challenges for you in this quiz.

Data from pivotal international phase III clinical trials showed superior efficacy, safety, and convenience for a new wave of direct-acting oral agents. The breakthrough will benefit physicians in all practice settings, including primary care.

Iron deficiency seen in restless leg syndrome is identified as an important secondary cause and supplementation helps relieve symptoms.

Restless leg syndrome is characterized by an urge to move the upper or lower extremities that is usually induced by rest.

The successful management of heavy menstrual bleeding with endometrial resection or ablation depends more on the surgeon’s skill than the technique used.

Coinfection with HIV and HCV presents a problem: many of the drugs used routinely to treat HIV have adverse interactions with the newer, and older, treatments for HCV.

Eosinophilic ascites is an extremely rare presenting sign of hypereosinophilic syndrome.


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