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5 Top Apple Watch Apps for PCPs and their Patients

5 Top Apple Watch Apps for PCPs and their Patients

  • 5 Apple Watch Apps for Primary Care

  • Medical Calc for Apple Watch. Point-of-care tool that provides more than 70 different calculators and medical scores to support decision making.

  • Medical Calc for Apple Watch. More at iTunes.

  • Epic MyChart. A mobile interface for the popular Epic MyChart application for patients.

  • Epic MyChart. More at iTunes.

  • WaterMinder. A smart watch app that lets patients track fluid intake.

  • Water Minder. More at iTunes.

  • Green Kitchen. The app includes more than 100 vegetarian recipes for your patients who are vegan or who just want to follow a healthier diet.

  • Green Kitchen. More at iTunes.

  • Nike+ Run Club. The Run Club app can help keep patients focused on fitness goals with built-in tracking and personalized coaching plans.

  • Nike+ Run Club. More at iTunes.

This is not an exhaustive review of Apple watch apps but it offers a small taste of the types of apps available to you and to your patients to help them improve different aspects of their health: MyChart, from Epic; WaterMinder; Green Kitchen; and Nike+ Run Club. We also review one for specifically for you--Medical Calc for Apple watch.

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