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6 Fascinating Tidbits: July Primary Care Roundup

6 Fascinating Tidbits: July Primary Care Roundup

  • Here are our choices for top reads for July.
  • ©Ingka D. Jiw/
    Why doesn’t your patient return your repeated calls when his lab results are alarming? Abigail Zuger. Sometimes the Patient’s Just Not that Into Me. New York Times. July 13, 2015. Read article, here. ©Ingka D. Jiw/
  • ©Volodymyr Baleha/
    I must often face the difficulty of telling my patient he may have motor neuron disease (ALS), writes neurologist Francisco Gomez, MD. This editorial by Dr Gross in the New York Times made me think deeper about the issue of how much care my patient will want and under what circumstances he wants to live. Dawn M. Gross, MD. The Error in “There’s Nothing More We Can Do” New York Times. July 15, 2015. Read article, here. ©Volodymyr Baleha/
  • ©Zurijeta/shutterstock/com
    Does emergency medicine training alone cover pediatrics? The debate is on. Read article, here. (Contributed by Terry Brenneman, MD) ©Zurijeta/shutterstock/com
  • ©Alexei Zinin/
    Need a little more buzz when you’re mountain climbing? Bungy jumping? Sky diving? Here’s your fix! Alex Williams. Caffeine inhalers rush to serve the energy challenged. New York Times. July 22, 2015. Read article, here. ©Alexei Zinin/
  • ©Radu Razvan/
    FAA-approved drug delivery -- via drones . . . a brand new way of getting medications to remote locales. Samantha Masunaga. First FAA-approved drone delivery takes medicine to rural Virginia. Los Angeles Times. July 20, 2015. Read article, here. ©Radu Razvan/
  • ©S. Bonaime/
    "Here's a pilot study that demonstrates that the 4th dimension is a reality for 3D-printed materials." Morrison R. Mitigation of tracheobronchomalacia with 3D-printed personalized medical devices in pediatric patients, Sci Translational Med. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3010825, published online 29 April 2015. Abstract. Markus MacGill. Lives of three babies rescued by 3D-printed, growth-flexible implants. Medical News Today. May 1, 2015. Read article, here. (Contributed by David J. Bromberg, MD.) ©S. Bonaime/

We found 6 stories we think you'll want to know about. . . eg, the 4th dimension is now a clinical reality; a novel drug delivery system has just been deployed (drones); and there's an innovative -- and much quicker -- way for your patients to get their caffeine buzz.




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