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6 (More) Terrible Medical Sentences

6 (More) Terrible Medical Sentences

  • For more light summer reading, 6 terrible medical sentences---with illustrations.
  • ©Viorel Sima/
    “Discontinuation of therapy was attempted because of healing in 8 patients, persistent paresthesias in 6, and because of bad taste in 1 patient.” ©Viorel Sima/
  • ©Igor Bulgarin/
    “But what of the individual who, because of a congenital or acquired defect, cannot clot?” ©Igor Bulgarin/
  • ©David Carillet/
    “Patients in this group may persist for years without further evolution.” ©David Carillet/
  • ©Nomad_Soul/
    “Is the development of a malignancy in a musculoskeletal syndrome a relatively recent concept or did the malignancies in the past appear in association with musculoskeletal diseases in a similar incidence as other patients without arthritis or joint disease? Agreement is lacking in any general response to this question.” ©Nomad_Soul/
  • ©TinaImages/
    “The patient is probably improving his renal lesion.” ©TinaImages/
    “Such a unit can be used to remove cigarette smoke from the air while entertaining a number of guests at home.” ©CREATISTA/

Now . . . the follow-up to the sequel you've all been waiting for! In the spirit of fun, we present half a dozen unadulterated pearls of clinical wisdom culled from articles submitted by physicians to this web site over the years.

These "sentences" follow the blockbuster slideshow "The 10 Worst Medical Sentences Ever Written." 

And they follow the follow-up hit: "5 Absurd Medical Autocorrects."

Got any transcription errors or comical sentences you'd like us to share with your colleagues? Please post them below!


Actually this is quite poetic and terse. I like the style.


Past Medical History was significant for Polycythemia Vera, treated with serial lobotomy.

Susan @

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