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6 Top Primary Care Stories of the Month

6 Top Primary Care Stories of the Month

  • From around the web, here are snippets from -- and links to -- 6 reports that you may not want to miss.
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    Greater average spending by physicians in Florida was associated with reduced risk of incurring a malpractice claim.
    1. Read more, here.

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    Rates of prostate cancer screening have dropped—as have the number of cases diagnosed at an early-stage.
    2. Read more, here.
    3. Read more here.
    4. Read more, here.

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    Uterine transplant may soon become a reality, reports The New York Times.
    5. Read more, here.

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    The WHO has launched a global campaign to try to avoid further emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance.
    6. Read more, here.

    A new study in Circulation finds significant inverse associations between coffee consumption and deaths from cardiovascular and neurologic diseases and suicide.
    7. Read more, here.

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    Hallucinations may result from specific brain morphology in the paracingulate sulcus.
    8. Read more, here.

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Here's a wrap up of randomly selected medical stories that have been making the headlines this month.

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