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Cellular Blue Nevus and Pompholyx

Cellular Blue Nevus and Pompholyx

FigureCase 1:

A blue-black nodule has been present next to a 19-year-old woman's left eye
since birth. After recent accidental trauma, the lesion has enlarged.

What does this look like to you?
A. Nevus of Ota.
B. Cellular blue nevus.
C. Combined nevus.
D. Spitz nevus.
E. Melanoma.

Which of the following statements is true of this lesion?
F. It appears more commonly on a buttock.
G. It is more common in women.
H. It most commonly appears at birth or at about age 40 years.
I. It can invade the skull.
J. It is associated with endocrine overactivity.

Bonus question: Why does this pigmented lesion appear grayish blue-black
rather than brown or black?


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