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Chest X-Rays Yielding to New Technologies as Best Way to Look at Lungs

Chest X-Rays Yielding to New Technologies as Best Way to Look at Lungs


Contrary to recommendations in evidence-based guidelines, routine chest x-rays after pneumonia are not warranted for detecting lung cancer, except for patients 50 years or older, according to this large population-based cohort study. There is little evidence to support follow-up chest x-rays after pneumonia except among patients at higher risk for lung cancer, such as older patients and smokers, the authors state. These Canadian researchers found the incidence of new lung cancer after pneumonia was only about 2% over 5 years.


RESULT: Incidence, Correlates, and Chest Radiographic Yield of New Lung Cancer Diagnosis in 3398 Patients With Pneumonia
Archives of Internal Medicine | Apr 25, 2011 (FREE FULL TEXT)


Patients at risk of developing lung cancer may be better off being screened with low-dose computed tomography (CT) scans than x-rays. This British trial assessed whether low-dose, multi-detector CT screening followed by treatment of early lesions would decrease deaths due to lung cancer compared with a control group who had no screening. The preliminary results among 4,000 patients indicate that CT scanning leads to less radiation exposure, as expected, and also reduces the number of follow-up scans required.


RESULT: UK Lung Screen (UKLS) nodule management protocol: modelling of a single screen randomised controlled trial of low-dose CT screening for lung cancer
Thorax | Apr 1, 2011 (FREE FULL TEXT)


In the hospital emergency room, a chest ultrasound (US) scan may be a better diagnostic tool than an x-ray to diagnose pneumonia. Bed-side lung US scans were more sensitive than chest x-rays in suspected pneumonia patients in this Italian prospective study. The wider use of US scans would allow for faster diagnosis and more appropriate, timely therapy, the authors state.


RESULT: Lung ultrasound is an accurate diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of pneumonia in the emergency department
Emergency Medicine Journal | Oct 28, 2010 (Free abstract. Full text $30)



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