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Du Pont gets rights to infection tracer

Du Pont gets rights to infection tracer

Du Pont Merck Pharmaceutical has signed an agreement with Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ortho Pharmaceutical that gives Du Pont exclusive rights outside the Pacific Rim to Ortho's Macroscint agent for infection imaging. The agent is a human immunoglobulin protein that is labeled with indium-111.

Du Pont of North Billerica, MA, claims that Macroscint is unique in that it allows nuclear medicine physicians to conduct infection imaging without the hazards and inconvenience associated with handling blood from patients. Currently, infection imaging is conducted by drawing a patient's blood, labeling the white blood cells with a radiotracer and injecting it back into the patient. With Macroscint, physicians inject the radiotracer into the patient like any other radiopharmaceutical, according to Alan Carpenter, Du Pont's director of business development and planning.

Macroscint has completed phase-three clinical trials and Du Pont is preparing a product license application (PLA) to the Food and Drug Administration.

Du Pont will pay a licensing fee to Ortho for sales of Macroscint as part of the deal. In addition, Du Pont will acquire exclusive rights relating to basic research technology involving infection imaging and technetium chemistry, according to Carpenter.


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