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Fused Eyelids From Splashed Superglue

Fused Eyelids From Splashed Superglue

The upper and lower eyelids of a 6-year-old girl were stuck together after she accidentally splashed superglue in her left eye. The patient did not complain of pain; the eyeball was able to move freely under the lids.

After trimming the eyelashes, Dr Sunita Puri of Decatur, Ala, gently irrigated the eye area with normal saline; however, the lids failed to open. Trimethoprim/polymyxin B ophthalmic ointment was applied liberally, and an eye patch was placed with light pressure.

The lids remained fused 24 hours later. Gentle traction was applied with a lacrimal dilator, and the lids were successfully separated. Had this strategy not succeeded, the patient would have been referred to an ophthalmologist. The patient recovered uneventfully; corneal abrasion, conjunctivitis, or other sequelae did not occur.

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