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Herpes Simplex and Pityriasis Alba

Herpes Simplex and Pityriasis Alba


Case 1:

For 3 days, a 36-year-old woman has had a painful rash on the dominant left
hand. She had noticed a tingling sensation before the lesions erupted. The
patient is otherwise healthy and takes no medications. She is a teacher.

What does this look like to you?

A. Hand-foot-and-mouth disease.
B. Herpes simplex.
C. Herpes zoster.
D. Contact dermatitis.
E. Impetigo.

You offer which of the following?

F. Oral antiviral therapy for herpes simplex virus infection.
G. Oral antiviral therapy for varicella-zoster virus infection.
H. A corticosteroid cream.
I. A 1-week course of cephalexin.
J. Reassurance.


Case 2:

During the last few weeks, an asymptomatic, hypopigmented rash has developed
on the shoulders of a 10-year-old boy. He has been spending a good deal
of time in an outdoor swimming pool.

Which condition in the differential is the likely cause?

A. Tinea versicolor.
B. Vitiligo.
C. Pityriasis rosea.
D. Pityriasis alba.
E. Nummular eczema.

Which of the following do you prescribe?

F. An antifungal cream.
G. A low-potency corticosteroid cream.
H. A tapered course of prednisone.
I. Moisturizers.
J. Sunscreen.


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