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Infant Car Seats May Increase Risk of SIDS

Infant Car Seats May Increase Risk of SIDS

MONTREAL, July 19 -- Newborns placed in a sitting position -- in car seats, baby carriers, or infant seats, for example -- may have an increased risk of sudden infant death, researchers reported here.

A review of 508 deaths of infants younger than one year found that 17 deaths occurred when infants were in "sitting devices" and 10 of those deaths were unexplained, according to Aurore Ct, M.D., of McGill University Health Center, and colleagues, in a study published online by Archives of Disease in Childhood.

The authors said the greatest risk was for infants younger than one month, noting that six of the 64 infants who died within a month of birth (9.4%), were in the "seat group, whereas only 11 of the 444 infants older than one month (2.4%) were in the seat group, which represents an RR of 3.80 for the sitting position and is highly significant (P=0.006)."

When they categorized all deaths as explained or unexplained, 49 unexplained deaths had occurred in infants younger than one month and five of those infants were sitting at time of death, for an RR of 7.35 (P


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