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Mechanical: Dermatochalasis

Mechanical: Dermatochalasis

A 75-year-old woman complained of "tired and heavy eyes" and being unable to keep her eyelids open to read at night.

Redundant upper eyelid tissue that weighed down the patient's eyelids and temporal hooding were found (A). There was also a mild involutional ptosis of both upper eyelids.

This patient has dermatochalasis— a bilateral condition commonly seen in elderly persons. It results from many years of stretching the tissue by blinking, rubbing the eyes, and enduring gravitational forces. The condition also may be associated with weakness of the orbital septum and secondary anterior displacement of orbital fat.

This patient underwent a bilateral upper eyelid blepharoplasty to correct the problem. After the first postoperative week, edema and ecchymosis were still present (B). At the 1-month followup, slight involutional ptosis was still evident, but the patient no longer had subjective complaints (C).

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