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Medical News You May Have Missed—Week of January 21st

Medical News You May Have Missed—Week of January 21st

FDA Approves New Type of Flu Vaccine

The FDA recently announced the approval of a new seasonal influenza vaccine called Flublok. Flublok is set apart from other flu vaccines because it is a trivalent vaccine made using an insect virus expression system and recombinant DNA technology.

“This approval represents a technological advance in the manufacturing of an influenza vaccine,” Karen Midthun, MD, Director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, said in a press release. “The new technology offers the potential for faster start-up of the vaccine manufacturing process in the event of a pandemic, because it is not dependent on an egg supply or on availability of the influenza virus.”

The efficacy of Flublock was studied at various sites in the US: 2300 people received the new vaccine and a control group received placebo. Flublok was about 44.6% effective against all circulating influenza strains, not just the strains that matched the strains included in the vaccine.

Flublok can be used in patients aged 18 years to 49 years.



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