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Migraine Matters: 6 Meeting Highlights

Migraine Matters: 6 Meeting Highlights

  • "That no one dies of migraine seems to someone deep in an attack as an ambiguous blessing." – Author Joan Didion

  • Migraine in men may be underdiagnosed/undertreated because the common view is that migraine is a women’s disease.

  • A study in obese women with migraine found that 43% of headaches went untreated.

  • High sensitivity hsCRP is elevated in the blood of young adults with migraine.

  • Children of a parent with chronic migraine perceived a far greater impact on their well-being and daily lives than those whose parent has episodic migraine.

  • A digital platform was used to collect data for 90 days on factors such as mood, stress, diet, physical activlty associated with migraine.

  • Three investigational injectable anti–calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) antibodies offer significant promise for treating migraine, especially chronic disease.

The latest scientific and clinical information on headache and migraine was presented at the 58th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society in San Diego last week.

“Take a Closer Look…At Migraine” was the theme of this year’s program.

This brief slideshow features highlights of recent research findings on migraine diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.


So glad they reported about men getting migraines too. My son has suffered with episodic migraines since 8 years old. Two years ago it transformed to chronic. IT has been hard enough for a young man to deal with this pain, but add insult to injury when we hear it is mainly a woman's disease.
Thank you for posting this

Margaret @

Excellent information and love technique of education

Uma @

Excellent information and love technique of education

Uma @

I can not access these slides - please help

camille @

I can never access these education emails. I guess I will have to wait for the journal. Hope its in there.

elizabeth @

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