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NIH: More Diabetes Patients Meeting Metabolic Goals

NIH: More Diabetes Patients Meeting Metabolic Goals

An increased number of patients with diabetes have been able to meet or exceed goals for HbA1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol, according to data from the National Institutes of Health published in a recent issue of Diabetes Care. 

The study compared data on goals for the 3 measures gathered by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from the time periods 1999 to 2010 and 1988 to 1994. Improvement in values found between the former and the latter surveys, respectivley, were:   
•    HbA1c goals: 53% vs 43%
•    Blood pressure goals: 51% vs 33%
•    LDL-C goals: 56% vs 10%

Despite these encouraging results, the authors conclude that control of these 3 primary measures remains suboptimal among adults with diabetes—particularly among some minority groups.

The abstract can be viewed, here.

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