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Oro-labial Herpes Simplex (“Cold Sores”)

Oro-labial Herpes Simplex (“Cold Sores”)

A 77-year-old man sought medical attention because of a painful group of “sores” near his mouth. He was just recovering from community-acquired pneumonia.

Key point: This clustered grouping of small, shallow erosions surmounting a slightly indurated plaque is characteristic for oro-labial herpes simplex (“cold sores”).

Treatment: Because no vesicles were present and the lesions appeared to already be crusting over, the patient was advised to apply an over-the-counter cream (docosanol 10%) per package insert instructions. At this point, the expense of a systemic agent would not be justified for the minimally improved healing time likely to result.

Note: This patient had not had “cold sores” for many decades. The attack was precipitated by the temporarily impaired immune response associated with his antecedent pulmonary infection.  

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