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A Photo Quiz to Hone Dermatologic Skills

A Photo Quiz to Hone Dermatologic Skills

Case 1:

For 1 week, a 2-year-old boy has had
asymmetric erythematous patches
on the anterior trunk. There is no
family or personal history of eczema.
His mother has not used new soaps
or detergents recently; there are no
pets in the household.

Which of the conditions in the
differential is the likely diagnosis?

A. Nummular eczema.
B. Contact dermatitis.
C. Candidiasis.
D. Tinea corporis.
E. Granuloma annulare.

Which treatment do you

F. An imidazole antifungal cream.
G. A corticosteroid cream.
H. An allylamine antifungal cream.
I. Topical mupirocin.
J. None of the above.

Case 2:

A 44-year-old woman with a rash on her fingers complains that the digits feel
swollen and tight; the eruption is otherwise asymptomatic. The patient does a
great deal of housecleaning but denies exposure to new soaps or detergents.

What do you suspect?

A. Contact dermatitis.
B. Atopic dermatitis.
C. Asteatotic eczema.
D. Lupus erythematosus.
E. Scleroderma.

To confirm your diagnosis, you . . .

F. Perform a patch test.
G. Determine antinuclear antibody levels.
H. Determine Scl-70 antibody titer.
I. Perform a potassium hydroxide evaluation.
J. Initiate a trial of a topical corticosteroid.


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