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Photo Quiz: What Do These Images Reveal?

Photo Quiz: What Do These Images Reveal?


Knee pain following a soccer injury

A 23-year-old woman presents with severe right knee
pain that resulted from a collision with another player
during a soccer game. The majority of the force of the
blow was to the right knee. The medical history is noncontributory.

This thin, athletic woman is in moderate distress
because of her knee pain. Temperature is 37.2oC (99oF);
heart rate, 72 beats per minute with normal rhythm; respiration
rate, 15 breaths per minute; and blood pressure,
108/74 mm Hg. Head and neck are normal, lungs are
clear, and upper extremities and left lower extremity are
normal. Sensation in the right foot and area about the
knee is intact. Pulses in the right groin, popliteal region,
and right foot are normal. The area about the right knee
joint is moderately swollen--particularly laterally; in addition,
the joint appears deformed. Severe pain limits passive
and active motion of the knee.

You order frontal, lateral, and sunrise radiographs of
the right knee. What do these films reveal about the extent
of this patient's injury?


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