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Questions Your Patients May Ask About H1N1 Flu

Questions Your Patients May Ask About H1N1 Flu

Here we provide a list of questions with links that can help you respond to patients who may be asking you about H1N1 virus infection (swine flu). Topics include travel restrictions and recommendations for persons with chronic disorders. 

Should plane travel within the United States be avoided?
The CDC has NOT recommended that people avoid domestic travel:
What precautions are recommended for persons with heart disease, stroke, or other cardiovascular diseases?
Patients with chronic cardiovascular disease or cerebrovascular disease are at risk for acute exacerbations during influenza epidemics:

These patients should maintain a 2-week supply of their medications; those with heart failure should be advised to report any change in breathing to their health care provider:
What precautions should persons with HIV infection take?
HIV-infected adults and adolescents, particularly those with low CD4 cell counts, may be at higher risk for influenza-related complications:
What steps should pregnant women who are more likely to be exposed to H1N1 virus at work, such as health care workers, teachers, and child care workers, take to protect themselves?
Pregnant women who work in schools and child care settings should take the same precautions as their nonpregnant colleagues:

Similarly, pregnant health care workers should follow standard precautions with all patients, regardless of infection status. Those who are likely to have direct contact with persons with H1N1 infection may wish to be reassigned to lower-risk activities:
Answers to additional questions patients may ask:


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