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Skin Disorders: 5 Shots, 5 Tips (Series #4)

Skin Disorders: 5 Shots, 5 Tips (Series #4)

Case 1

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Young adult presents with a profusion of asymptomatic, small, umbilicated penile papules. He has had unprotected intercourse with many anonymous partners.

Key point: The globoid-shaped papules with central umbilication are typical for molluscum contagiosum, a pox virus infection spread by skin-to-skin contact.

Treatment: Sharp curettage removes lesions nicely. Light liquid nitrogen cryospray may also be efficacious in some patients. When surgical intervention is impractical, topical application of various irritants (such a tretinoin or salicylic acid) or immune modifiers (such as imiquimod) may be effective.

Note: The same disorder may occur in children, usually on the trunk or face. In this instance, the disease is not sexually transmitted. Treatment options are the same.

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