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Sleep Debtors Pay a Price in Diabetes Severity

Sleep Debtors Pay a Price in Diabetes Severity

CHICAGO, Sept. 18 -- African Americans with type 2 diabetes who are chronically sleep deprived may pay the price in the form of impaired glucose control and more serious complications of type 2 diabetes, researchers here found.

Among African Americans with type 2 diabetes, poor sleep quality and sleep debt were associated with significantly higher glucose levels, as measured by glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c), reported Eve Van Cauter, Ph.D., and colleagues of the University of Chicago and Northwestern University.

Patients who reported having higher sleep debts or lower sleep quality than others had generally poorer glucose control, after data were controlled for age, gender, body mass index, insulin use, and presence of major complications.

"Sleep curtailment has become increasingly prevalent in modern society, and it cannot be excluded that this behavior has contributed to the current epidemic of type 2 diabetes," the investigators wrote in a special issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine devoted to sleep and its health consequences.


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