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The Year in Pediatrics

The Year in Pediatrics

ROCHESTER, N.Y.-- Childhood obesity remained a focus of pediatrics during the year, along with concerns about safety, particularly the safety of psychiatric medications.

The following summary reviews some of the highlights of the year in pediatrics research. For fuller accounts, links to the individual articles published in MedPage Today have been provided.

Rounder and Rounder

Although pediatricians have been increasingly worried about the effects of the obesity epidemic on children, one of the first studies to report hard numbers on abdominal obesity came out in 2006. Abdominal obesity--a predictor of cardiovascular and type 2 diabetes risk--grew by more than 60% among children from 1988 to 1994, according to National Health and Nutrition Surveys (NHANES) data.

The good news is that clinicians now have some direction on what to do for overweight pediatric patients to head off problems later in life.


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