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Amber J Tresca

Amber J Tresca

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Pregnancy is possible for women with inflammatory bowel disease, but collaboration is needed between gastroenterologists and obstetricians.

Of the top 10 surgical procedures that are decreasing at the greatest rate, 4 of them are related to obstetrics and gynecology.

Now that stand-alone HPV tests have been approved, is it worth changing cervical cancer screening recommendations? Juan Felix, MD, weighs in.

Gender-based pay inequality in female-predominant fields, such as nursing, may not be what you think. Find out what new research has uncovered.

These tips for implementing good technique in laparoscopic surgeries can help reduce complications and result in faster surgeries.

A simple device may make blood draws and IV placement easier for fearful patients, or for patients with difficult-to-feel veins.

Two studies revealed that treatments for symptoms of menopause differed based on when physicians trained and perception of patient understanding.

The cybersecurity of medical devices is on the mind of the FDA, which recently issued recommendations for security on wireless medical devices.

A universal standard for monitoring fetal growth can better detect which fetuses are at risk for intrauterine growth restriction.

As a result of concern over widespread phthalate exposure, pregnant women were studied to determine their phthalate level and its effect on reproductive health.


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