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Erica Sprey

Erica Sprey

Erica Sprey is associate editor at Physicians Practice. She is an award-winning journalist; writing and editing for both print and electronic media. She has worked in the healthcare publishing industry for 12 years and in clinical/administrative medicine for over 20 years in a variety of settings. She can be reached at

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We crunched the data and ranked each of the 50 states to help you find your next practice home.

Even though financial and legislative challenges are making it harder to be a physician, docs tell us they haven't given up.

Physicians are experiencing frustration with federal quality care programs that tie patient satisfaction to physician compensation.

Many physicians don't use a patient portal. They should. A portal can offload a good portion of the front-end work for both staff and physicians.

Once implemented, an EHR can bring many benefits to a practice. But minor mistakes can cause major problems. Here's what to watch out for.

Practices can often feel helpless when it comes to working with payers. Here's how they can change that dynamic and become empowered.

Physicians feel at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to working with payers.

Many practices are running on razor-sharp margins. That puts them at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to dealing with payer-generated work.

To stay solvent, practices will need to work smarter and refine staff roles so that all employees are working to the top of their license.

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NPs and PAs can bring a number of strengths to the table; in particular a focus on patient education, care coordination, and wellness promotion.


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