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Kevin D. Deane, MD, PhD

Kevin D. Deane, MD, PhD

Dr Deane is a Rheumatologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado Denver and the Denver Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center.

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Use this short test to gauge how much you’ve learned about a condition that needs more primary care involvement.

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Comanaging RA and its comorbidities is just one of many directions primary care is likely to take. Part 4 of a Special Report.

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With a growing shortfall of rheumatologists, primary care may play a greater role in the initiation of long-term therapy. Part 3 of a Special Report.

Primary care physicians may contribute to improved outcomes by recognizing the signs and symptoms early on. Part 2 of a Special Report.

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This Special Report details the expanding role PCPs can play in serving an increasingly underserved population.

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