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5 Top Apps for Primary Care

5 Top Apps for Primary Care

  • Yes, there is an app for that; and that; and that, too...

  • Klara is a mobile application and communication platform that allows HIPPA-compliant conversations between physicians, patients, and other care team members.

  • Klara integrates with your EMR/PMS; instantly synchs across all devices.

    More information on iTunes.

  • Gout Diagnosis helps primary care physicians direct inquiry for presenting symptoms that may raise a broad differential diagnosis.

  • The Gout Diagnosis app is based on a clinical decision tool published by Dutch researchers, including primary care clinicians and rheumatologists.

    More information on iTunes.

  • The Family Practice Notebook app puts access to all the information housed online on in the clinician's hand; provides a point-of-care reference covering more than 30 specialties.

  • Family Practice Notebook is updated monthly with data from 20-30 review articles, conferences, and clinical encounters.

    More information on Google Play and on iTunes.

  • Contraception is an app developed by the CDC to help clinicians discuss family planning options with patients based on specific characteristics and medical conditions.

  • Contraception was developed by the CDC's Division of Reproductive Health and covers a broad range of Medical Eligibility Criteria and Selected Practice Recommendations.

    More information on Google Play and on iTunes.

  • ECG Guide is a product developed by QxMD that presents more than 200 high resolution sample ECGs with common and complex findings.

  • ECG Guide is an ideal tool for review of ECG interpretation and offers more than 100 multiple choice quiz questions for spot-checks.

    More information on Google Play and on iTunes.

The short slide show above offers snap-shot overviews of 5 apps useful to primary care clinicians, no matter the practice setting: Klara, Gout Diagnosis, FPNotebook, Contraception (from the CDC), and ECG Guide by Qx MD.

Links to the apps can be found in the slide legends.


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You are unlikely to have a uric acid value at time of presentation. Also, a measure of uric acid is not recommended until 2 weeks post attack because it may likely have a false negative.

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