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Case Studies

Case Studies

This Patient Care Special Report updates you on pediatric vaccines in a series of clever clinical scenarios. First, the intro and pretest.

A healthy young girl with a pink specimen and a male teen whose urine is green. What's in your differential Dxs?

What is the cause of this erythematous rash that appeared suddenly and spread rapidly on the child's trunk and extremities?

VIDEO: The non-pruritic rash began on his chest and spread rapidly over 3 days. Get a closer look; what's your diagnosis?

Antibiotics have not been effective in either case and one of the teens is losing time at work visiting doctors. Can you dx?

VIDEO: Patient reports progressive weakness x1 month. Acute abdominal pain/emesis began earlier in the day. What's in your differential dx?

Video: The lesion bleeds easily and grows back quickly when "knocked off."


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