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Pneumonia Update: Take-Homes from 4 New Studies

Pneumonia Update: Take-Homes from 4 New Studies

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    Here is a very brief overview of 4 very new studies on pneumonia that you could easily have missed. Note: please scroll down for links to article abstracts. ©CPT-Praiseng/
  • A meta-analysis published in PloS One found no evidence that PPV23 prevents pneumococcal CAP in a general community-dwelling elderly population.[1]
  • There is a need to consider vancomycin heteroresistance in pneumonia caused by MRSA, according to Claeys et al.[2]
  • Elderly patients with staphylococcal pneumonia are resistant to common antibiotics.[3]
  • Widespread use of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines for annual flu vaccination has been temporally associated with decreased rates of hospitalization and inpatient mortality, especially in those age 65 and older.[4]

Two new studies have just been published on vaccines against pneumonia along with two studies on resistance to antibioics commonly used to treat pneumonia.


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