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Drug Offers Novel Approach for Airway Diseases

For patients with asthma or COPD, PL554 has the potential to both reverse bronchodilation and reduce inflammation more quickly and with fewer adverse effects.


Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge of the disease and the latest guidance for improving patient care.

Important revisions to the GOLD recommendations include a new definition of COPD and refined diagnostic categories.

There are no optimal markers to predict mortality in COPD but results of a new study support further investigation of CRP.

A recent literature review found that up to 90% of COPD patients experience ADL-limiting morning symptoms.

Results of a new study suggest that racial inequalities in COPD, especially in women, may be shaped by socioeconomic factors.

The Breathlessness, Cough and Sputum Scale, used to evaluate COPD treatment efficacy, may help predict exacerbations in severe disease.

The CASCADE study found the biomarker of inflammation CRP associated with higher COPD symptom burden.


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