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CROI 2014

Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections


These presentations provided a wealth of data suggesting that very early treatment of HIV may help control viremia and achieve remission over time in pediatric patients.

Here: 4 subgroups of HIV patients whose cardiovascular health might benefit from your targeted intervention.

Useful details here about HIV and age-related issues, sexual dysfunction, heart disease, and end-organ damage.

These suggestions will enhance your enjoyment of long meetings and will have your colleagues remarking on what a jolly, friendly person you really are. Ignore the advice at your own peril.

The good: this premier HIV conference offers a banquet of exceptional material. The bad: the expense and the grind of covering a meeting this rich—and lengthy.

Two studies demonstrate that raltegravir is an extremely well-tolerated and potent component of a combination antiretroviral regimen.

Replication of HIV within the CNS continues to be a hot topic, because it represents a viral reservoir that can complicate treatment, as well as control and prevention efforts.


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