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Metabolic Syndrome: What Does It Look LIke?

Metabolic Syndrome: What Does It Look LIke?

Mrs Bates, aged 65 years, presents to your office for her annual physical examination. Overall, she is in good health and takes only atorvastatin 40 mg, prescribed for the past 8 years to treat hypercholesterolemia. On review of systems she reports to you that she has felt increasingly fatigued lately and finds that she is waking to urinate at least twice every night.

On physical examination, her body mass index is 31 kg/m2. A fasting lipid panel reveals the following values: total cholesterol, 182 mg/dL; LDL-C, 102 mg/dL; HDL-C, 48 mg/dL; VLDL of 32 mg/dL;  and triglycerides, 158 mg/dL. Her TSH is within normal limits.

Does Mrs Bates meet criteria for metabolic syndrome?

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