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Geriatric patients are some of the most difficult seen in primary care, given their comorbidites, multiple drug regimens, and increased sensitivities. Here, get quick solutions to common problems and authoritative help with uncommon ones.  


Take a minute to test your knowledge of the latest findings on key health issues in older persons.

Recent research on the health of older persons uncovers news both good and sobering. See highlights of 10 studies in our slides.


Epidural steroid injections and gabapentin lower pain scores and boost functional capacity, but differences between the two modalities are small and results are transitory.

Three eminent rheumatologists have posted their comprehensive textbook of rheumatology online, open-access and free. They are calling it Rheumaknowledgy.

Norman B. Gaylis MD

A Miami rheumatologist tells why he has donated $1 million to offer his colleagues in community practice the chance to pursue their own clinical theories.

chronic pain

A detailed review in the British Medical Journal recommends tools for pain measurement and assesses the latest evidence about treatments.

A large study of veterans reveals factors that predict which people starting methotrexate for rheumatic diseases after the age of 65 will quickly begin to show signs of liver damage.


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