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All About Gout for Primary Care

All About Gout for Primary Care

Gout, “the king of diseases and the disease of kings,” remains the most common inflammatory arthropathy.1 A disorder of purine metabolism, gout has more than doubled in prevalence over the past 2 decades.2 The majority of patients who have gout will receive most to all of their gout care from their primary care provider.3

In upcoming articles in this Special Report, we will review the current guidelines for the diagnosis and management of gout—everything primary care physicians need to know.

Topics will include:

The basic components of gout diagnosis

Management of acute gout attacks

Pharmacological interventions for acute gout

Management of chronic gout

Pharmacological interventions for chronic gout

Prevention of future gout attacks

Referral to rheumatology


First up: a gout multiple-choice pre-test aimed at primary care physicians. The questions will be answered in upcoming segments of this Special Report and you will see them again, as a post-test, at the conclusion of the series.


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