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90-90-90 by 2020?

Diagnose and treat 90% of HIV-infected people to an undetectable HIV RNA level by 2020: are we anywhere close?




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The paradigm of HIV care is changing for aging patients. This study sheds new light.


One in 6 new HIV diagnoses occurs in people over age 50. Are you routinely asking your older patients about their sexual history?

What is the cause of this severe rash in a 60-year-old man with HIV?

Do doctors’ politics affect treatment decisions on, for example, drug use, firearms, and sexual behavior? Do yours?

A new report aims to outline best practices in offering counseling and guidance to adolescents with HIV infection.

They often willingly accept pre-exposure prophylaxis when offered.


How frequently -- and effectively -- is pre-exposure prophylaxis being employed in adults and adolescents in the US who are at risk for HIV infection?


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