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Journal Of Respiratory Diseases

Journal Of Respiratory Diseases

Troubling new evidence from the CDC raises questions about how COPD is not being adequately diagnosed and treated in many patients.

The test can improve outcomes for COPD, but a new review outlines revised standards that call for going beyond spirometry to assess the status of patients with the condition.

At the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, held early this month in Florida, specialists learned a great deal that is important to primary care. Among the most noteworthy presentations: Why primary care isn't following asthma guidelines, the importance of body weight in asthma treatment, and the future of sublingual allergy drugs.

A large randomized trial showing no effect of antibiotics on acute rhinosinusitis in adults does not inspire a change in recommendations for family physicians.

The combination of electronic medical records and office-based genomic profiling, both on the visible horizon, could herald a coming era when asthma treatments are more rational and less empirical.

The revised GOLD guidelines redefine treatment objectives, change standards for the use of spirometry, and redefine exacerbation, with special emphasis on comorbidities.

The evidence from a large risk surveillance is robust. The study even controlled for intake of fruits, vegetables, water, and juice. Here are suggestions for patients who may find it difficult to break the habit.


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