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Acute Treatment of Migraines: 3 Trick Questions

Acute Treatment of Migraines: 3 Trick Questions

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My job has increased my contact with urgent care patients. As a result, I see more people with headaches, especially debilitating migraine headaches. They are uncomfortable and grateful when you can provide relief for their throbbing head pain.

I was becoming a “1-trick pony,” however, relying on an injectable triptan, and I stared into the distance sheepishly if that approach did not work. In some of these patients, triptans were contraindicated as well. Give me some more choices, I cried!

The American Headache Society recently published an evidence-based assessment of migraine headache pharmacotherapies.1 I asked some questions and learned some new tricks that can help migraine sufferers.

Following are questions you may have about migraines this month—National Migraine Awareness Month—but were afraid to ask:


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