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Migraine: Keeping the Beast at Bay

Migraine: Keeping the Beast at Bay

About 38% of migraineurs need preventive therapy, but only about 3% to 13% currently use it, according to the American Academy of Neurology (AAN). Since the AAN published guidelines for migraine prevention in 2000, new clinical studies have addressed and readdressed the efficacy and safety of migraine preventive therapies.

The short slide show above reviews guideline-endorsed pharmacotherapy for migraine prevention, behavioral interventions, and new research on difficult comorbid conditions.



I can't get video. I would really like to see this.

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Thank you.

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Ended w a HA trying to finish the interesting article.

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As a healthcare provider who has suffered from migraines for 35 years, I have found the addition of Diazepam10 mg. to be an effective tool for treatment. I combine it with Ibuprofen and Maxalt. I also will add Prednisone 10 mg. if the migraine lasts more than 2 days. Very effective to help decease the inflammation caused by the migraine. If all fails, I takeToradol and Phenergan IM. This is 99% effective in alleviating the migraine. Toprimate has a lot of side effects and should be used very carefully as well as any of the tricyclics. Every migrainer eventually finds what works best for her. Thank you for this review!

Rebecca @ Can I copy download this content?

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Unablet to get video.

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