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HZV and PHN: Quiz on Dx and Tx

HZV and PHN: Quiz on Dx and Tx

Herpes zoster rash Herpes zoster rash. ©CLS Design/

A 66-year-old man comes to see you complaining of a rash on his back and abdomen that began approximately three days ago. He reports that it is mildly uncomfortable but not really painful. When you examine him, you see the rash is along the distribution of the T10 nerve root and is relatively mild. You make a diagnosis of herpes zoster (HZ). His only other health issues are diabetes, which is well controlled with metformin, and hypertension, controlled with lisinopril.

1. Which of the following factors would lead you to initiate an antiviral medication to treat the HZ?

A. His age
B. The level of pain
C. The location of the rash
D. His current medications

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