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For 2 months, a 29-year-old man had pain and circular, soft swelling over the anterior left knee, superficial to the patellar ligament. Pain was minimal and associated with extension and flexion. He had been employed laying floor tile for 10 years.

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Pain catastrophizing may play an important role in total knee arthroplasty decision making.

Slide Show: FDA drug approvals in the second quarter 2017 included these 10 for conditions seen in the primary care setting.

Test your knowledge of the safety events that have occurred involving FDA-approved drugs since the turn of the century.

The most common chronic pain conditions primary care physicians are likely to encounter are highlighted here.

Death from an opioid-related overdose is increasingly common. Take this brief quiz to test your knowledge of the latest research findings.

A second opioid Rx doubles the risk of opioid use at 1 year. This short slide show highlights more findings from studies into epidemic opioid misuse and abuse.

Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge of new clinical decision making tools and ideas.


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