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PAINWeek 2016


September 6th-10th
10th Annual Meeting

PAINWeek 2016

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury," began the PAINWeek 2016 speaker, in mock trial defense of a physician for over-prescribing opioid meds.

A PAINWeek 2016 expert panel gave attendees behind-the-scenes insight into the process behind the CDC's final recommendations.

Four studies presented at PAINWeek 2016 review the success of abuse-deterrent opioid formulations in stemming abuse and non-medical use.

At PAINWeek 2016, a session on abuse-deterrent formulations underscored that this drug class will never be free from abuse potential.

A PAINWeek audience experienced behavioral Rx during a presentation on effective non-drug treatment for migraine.

This PAINWeek 2016 presentation focused on how to more deeply involve patients in their own pain management plan.

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