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7 Reasons Why Summer Sun Might Not Be So Fun

7 Reasons Why Summer Sun Might Not Be So Fun

For many of your patients, summer means fun in the sun. Unfortunately, all that warm-weather activity also means skin in the sun. No matter how faithfully patients follow your sun protection guidance, a variety of skin disorders are bound to surface, along with other seasonal ills spawned by increased outdoor activity.

The 7 short cases that follow focus on common solar scourges you’re likely to see in your office this summer.


1. Phototoxicity Means Drugs and Sun Don’t Mix

• Dose-dependent non–immune-mediated cell damage in the skin with exposure to sunlight may be caused by some medications, as in the phototoxic drug eruption on this boy’s shoulders.

• The cutaneous findings in phototoxic reactions are similar to an exaggerated sunburn-type reaction, with erythema but no edema at sun-exposed sites.

• Phototoxic reactions occur within hours of sun exposure in any patient exposed to sufficiently high doses of the drug and UV light.

• Discontinuation of the offending agent and avoidance of sun exposure are the key aspects of managing phototoxicity.


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