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Amniotic Band Syndrome

Amniotic Band Syndrome

These photos are of the left hand of a full-term, newborn infant with focal ring constrictions of the third, fourth, and fifth fingers; secondary edema and discoloration are also seen. The cause of such bands is debated. Streeter1 believed they resulted from localized germ cell failure, possibly due to hypoxia. In later years, Torpin2 felt the deformity was caused by early rupture of the amnion, with resulting bands that could restrict and impair growth of an extremity—or actually amputate it.

Drs Robert P. Blereau, MD and Anthony J. Saleme of Morgan City, La, report that this infant was referred to a hand surgeon for release of the bands. A good outcome was anticipated.

1. Streeter GL. Contribut Embryol. 1930;22:1.
2. Torpin R. Fetal Malformations Caused by Amnion Rupture During Gestation. Springfield, Ill: Charles C Thomas, Publisher; 1968.

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