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Physician Compensation Survey

Physician Compensation Survey

It's been a wild year in healthcare. And you ain't seen nothing yet.

Looking for a better way to gauge physician productivity? A number of physicians' practices and hospitals are turning to relative value units (RVUs) over traditional benchmarks including charges, receipts, collections, or number of encounters. But what exactly are RVUs?

I avoid most e-mail offers trying to sell me something; don't need the superfluous e-mails cluttering up my inbox.

The road to electronic health records is filled with good intentions. However, every EHR vendor claims they have a certified product. Here are some steps that you can take to protect your EHR investment.

Editorial director Bob Keaveney wonders, “Are we facing a future without primary-care physicians?”

Knowledge is power in the payer game. Expert Lucien Roberts explains how to evaluate your payers and then use that information to negotiate better reimbursements.

In the midst of Medicare cuts, consult-code farewells, healthcare reform bills, and all our other challenges, we need to prepare for new HIPAA Privacy and Security mandates.


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